The APSSI Group

Created some fifteen years ago, the company is the result of a combination of skills in IT services and the delivery of high value-added infrastructure projects. Our regional approach and human-sized company allow us to forge close ties with our partners as we make technology accessible, productive, and reliable.

  • 7,100 workstations under supervision
  • 9,897 support requests processed last year
  • 324 m2 of headquarters dedicated to IT support
  • A team trained and certified by the biggest players on the market
  • Cutting edge technology and equipment
  • An eco-responsible and CSR approach
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Our Commitment to the Planet

The IT sector thought it was immune from environmental concerns. With no CO2 emissions related to hardware and, regarding software, immaterial products that are ecological by nature, it thought it was practically exempt from any reflection on the subject.

However, IT does not really rhyme with ecology. Electronic waste is constantly increasing (6 million tons in Europe this year); products (computers, telephones, etc.) pollute, heat up, and consume a great deal of energy; equipment that cannot be recycled and uses dangerous substances or emits electromagnetic radiation; frequently renewed equipment that, once obsolete, is thrown away without the slightest precaution…

Standards are beginning to emerge. Two of them are in the spotlight: the ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and the recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). In addition to the need to buy and produce more cleanly, it is necessary to be able to identify precisely the sources of consumption and pollution and to communicate these elements institutionally. This is an obligation for listed companies, dictated by the French law on New Economic Regulations.

How to deal with the new situation? Among the solutions, many companies have almost naturally called on their IT departments to find ways to manage ecological issues. This is not a matter of placing the entire problem on the shoulders of the IT department, but the latter obviously has a role to play and it is useful to think about it now… The simulation, traceability and optimization necessary for cleaner production, consumption and recycling are based on rather advanced computer technologies.

IT is a constantly changing world. Eco-responsible solutions exist and APSSI can help you implement them:

  • Waste recycling: our foundation, which is part of the group, recovers computer equipment, reprocesses it, and redistributes it to nonprofits (ADAPEI, schools, etc.)
  • Use of “clean” equipment: servers, switches, screens, etc.
  • Use of technologies that integrate “Green IT”
  • Virtualization of servers
  • Thin clients
  • Optimization/management of IT equipment: well-managed IT equipment remains efficient for longer, thus avoiding replacement.


We do not wish to become Green IT “integralists,” but we do want to integrate “common sense” into our approach.

APSSI Foundation

As part of its computer equipment reconditioning plan, APSSI has long been committed to recovering computer equipment, reconditioning it, and redistributing it to various organizations:


Employment Centers


Papillons blancs


Nursery and primary schools


At the heart of this approach is the desire to delay the recycling of electronic waste as much as possible by offering a “second life” to this equipment through redistribution to a public that does not have significant needs in terms of computer resources. To this end, we have created multimedia rooms in various centers, enabling us to bridge the “digital divide.”

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