Frequently asked questions

Do you respond quickly?

Through our technical platform, we intervene remotely within an hour of your call. Our qualified technicians will first make a precise diagnosis of the problem. If technically possible, they solve the problem remotely (88% of incidents are handled remotely and in less than 4 hours). If they cannot solve the problem remotely, they organize a physical intervention with the most competent technician for the incident described.

What do you offer in your IT outsourcing contract?

Audit of your IT equipment. Meeting to present the audit, analysis of the existing situation and presentation of a multi-year optimization plan. Set-up of tools for remote service. Management of user requests via the national platform (Level 1 support). Follow-up and analysis of each request from start to finish. Monthly or quarterly meetings. Operational Maintenance: Preventive, corrective, palliative, evolutionary and regulatory maintenance. Possible implementation of QoS (Quality of Service Indicators). Possible implementation of SLA indicators (response time, availability rate, etc.). BCP (Business Continuity Plan). Analysis of IT investment requests and feasibility recommendations.

The objective is to increase the level of quality of service experienced by the end user and to increase the infrastructure availability rate.

What is outsourcing?

IT outsourcing consists in delegating all or part of the management, operation, optimization, and security of your information system to an external IT service provider.

The notion of outsourcing has evolved over the years towards the concept of MSP (Managed Service Provider), in order to ensure proactive management of your IT needs.

Our Service Center becomes a control tower for your infrastructure and continually prevents problems before they occur.

What are the advantages of outsourcing IT support?

IT is a constantly changing world. By outsourcing your IT support, you can focus on your core business, your growth and your customers. The procedures put in place will allow you to increase the level of availability of your IT resources considerably and, inversely, reduce the level of stress in the event of a problem on your network.

What are the average outsourcing rates?

Outsourcing rates are flexible and adjustable depending on your IT assets and the level of services you require.

Our “All Inclusive” packages will allow you to control your IT budget while moving it from a “Cost Center” logic to a “Service Center” logic.

Why choose APSSI Group?

Thanks to its decentralized organization, APSSI Group is able to respond to both regional and national issues.

Our Service Center, in charge of managing customer relations, provides flexibility, responsiveness, and skills to all our customers.

Our expertise and experience enable us to adapt to a wide variety of situations, to ensure that your IT infrastructures are always available.


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