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Our Cloud Computing experts ensure better performance, scalability, and optimal security of your IT services.

Migration to the cloud

A concept increasingly used in companies, cloud computing consists in hosting your data or business applications on remote servers to make them accessible anywhere, provided you have an Internet connection.

APSSI puts its experience in cloud migration at your service. Whatever the type or size of your organization, we offer a solution adapted to your needs. You can opt for a public cloud hosted by a provider such as Microsoft or create your own cloud in the case of a private cloud solution. You can also choose a hybrid solution by distributing your resources over private and public platforms.

Infrastructure hosting

Hosting your IT infrastructure means outsourcing your information system by renting part of a data center. You can therefore benefit from all the advantages of hosting without having to bear the cost of acquiring a server. Take advantage of the many advantages of hosting while confiding in us to operate and maintain your servers.

Application hosting

Having your applications hosted makes them more easily accessible. It is an efficient way to use them and free yourself from technological constraints. Outsourcing the hosting of your application also means entrusting us with the problems associated with managing your servers.

Hosting of collaborative solutions

With their extensive experience in hosting collaborative solutions, our teams can help you choose and implement the solution best suited to your needs. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid solution: we offer reliable solutions that meet your needs.

Hosting your DRP

In the event of an IT disaster, the implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) requires skills and infrastructure that are often obstacles. However, it is essential for ensuring an organization’s continuity and survival. With APSSI Group, you can outsource your DRP to a data center while keeping your in-house IT infrastructure.

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Do you have application and software needs? Our technicians are here to help you find and set up management solutions adapted to your needs.

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Cloud computing solutions ensure better performance, greater scalability, and optimal security for your IT department.

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From the choice of equipment to its configuration and full setup, we support you throughout the IT process and ensure the security of your data.

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